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Company Formation Fees & Costs

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The Right Consultancy Plan For Your Business

Before forming your company or opening a bank account, please look at our three consultancy plans below.


This service covers:

We look at your proposed business, where you and your customers/clients are based.  We then recommend the best jurisdiction from those which we offer.  We will take into consideration issues of tax and privacy.

Consultation and advice as to the best jurisdiction for your business needs with particular regard to tax efficiency.

Generally, we would suggest a digital wallet (aka e-wallet or neobank) that offers multi-currency accounts and usually debit cards. We will provide you with tips & tricks to maximise your chances of success. Traditional banks require a lot of paperwork and a substantial initial deposit and often require a personal visit.

Our exclusive guidebook gives sound advice on what is generally acceptable (and what is not) to most digital wallet providers.  The e-book includes screen-prints you will not usually see until halfway through the application process, thus saving you time.

Our recommendation for a suitable business banking account tailored to the jurisdiction you choose & your requirements.

Your company will need a website to give your clients and banks a professional appearance.  It can be anything from what is known as a Portfolio (simply showing your offerings) to an entire e-commerce site.  Most business banking providers expect to see a functioning website before approving an application. We can assist you (at an additional cost) with setting up your website.

General advice on website domain registration and hosting for your business.

Perks for members include discounts on company formation and other add-ons services such as direct assistance with bank account opening, various business e-books, and free templates. It also includes our one-year subscription to our newsletter worth £85.

Exclusive Members Perks, including our exclusive ‘Starting a Business’ guide book.

US$ 625

Approximate conversions:

€ 586
£ 505
C$ 860
Zł 2,528


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This service covers:

Everything in our Professional Plan.


The retainer plan covers queries related to jurisdictions, banking and related matters, and continuing support for the first three months. AFTER the first three months we charge $500 per quarter.

Your only commitment is for the three months covered by this service. We will contact you in advance to ask if you wish to renew. You will, of course, continue to receive our newsletter for 12 months.

Please note that our retainer services cannot 'roll over' regarding our consultancy time. In the vernacular, use it or lose it.

Continuing advice & ongoing support service for first quarter (three months). This covers up to 4 hours of our consulting time.

Exclusive member perks - as in our Professional Plan.

Exclusive Members Perks, including our exclusive ‘Starting a Business’ guide book etc.

US$ 1075

Approximate conversions:

€ 1,008
£ 869
C$ 1,479
Zł 4,348


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Frequently Asked Questions

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard etc.) via Stripe.
  • Bank transfer in Sterling, Euros, US Dollars, Canadian Dollars and Singapore Dollars.
  • Our prices are in US$, however, for your convenience we also accept payment in other currencies (including £, € etc). Please note there will be 2.5% currency conversion fee applied. This applied to both bank transfers and credit card payments. 

Once you have paid, you will receive detailed instructions on how to proceed. You will have immediate access to our guides. Specific advice will only be given once we received and processed your questionnaire. This is usually a matter of a few days. If you have a particularly urgent requirement, please email us, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Yes, you can easily upgrade your Starter Plan by paying the difference. Please contact us by email.

No, we do not offer downgrade or refunds for any reason once the purchase has been made. All purchases are final except for upgrades.

If your question is not listed, please contact  us.

*Consultancy services and payment processing are provided by our affiliated company TMS Consultants Ltd. a company registered in England (tms-consultants.com).

Choose a jurisdiction

Company Incorporation Fees & Costs

Below fees are in US$ for basic incorporation, including first-year domiciliation costs. 

 Jurisdiction Formation Cost Renewal Cost Other annual obligations
Belize LLC$1,150$950 none
BVI$1,500$1,225 none
Cyprus$2,350$1,645 + accounts, audit, &  gov levy
Germany$5,075$1,450 + accounts
Gibraltar$1,725$1,325 + accounts & audit
Hong Kong$1,225$1,125 + accounts & audit
Ireland Ltd.$1,275$1,075 + accounts
Isle of Man$3,750$2,275 + accounts
Panama$1,400$1,175 none
RAK IC, UAE$ 2,880 $ 2,100 none
Seychelles Ltd.$1,150 $ 795 none
Singapore Pte Ltd$1,275$925 + accounts
St. Vincent LLC$1,400$1,125 none
Sweden$3,450$1,300 + accounts
UK LLP (England)$750$575 + accounts
UK Ltd, England & Wales$750$575 + accounts
USA – Delaware LLC$975$900 none
USA – New Mexico$975$600 none
USA – Wyoming LLC$975$675 none

If you are looking for a different jurisdiction, please contact  us.